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Frequently asked questions

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  • What is Letr?

    Letr is a dynamic platform where creators can share their content across various mediums, including podcasts, articles, videos, and more. It provides an immersive experience for audiences and prioritizes creator compensation.

  • How does Letr adapt to different types of content?

    Letr adapts its interface to match the content type, ensuring a tailored experience for every audience. Whether it's a podcast, article, video, or unique creation, Letr optimizes the presentation for maximum engagement.

  • What sets Letr apart from other content-sharing platforms?

    Letr stands out for its commitment to empowering creators through fair compensation and transparent operations. It also integrates innovative technologies like Nostr and the Lightning Network for seamless transactions.

  • Can I monetize my content on Letr?

    Yes, Letr offers opportunities for creators to monetize their content and receive fair compensation for their contributions. Whether through subscriptions, tips, or other means, Letr supports creators in earning from their work.

  • How can I join Letr as a creator?

    Joining Letr as a creator is simple. Just sign up and start sharing your content directly on the platform. Letr provides tools and resources to help you unleash your creativity and connect with your audience.

  • Is Letr committed to free speech?

    Absolutely. Letr values and upholds the principle of free speech. It promotes open dialogue and expression of ideas within legal and ethical boundaries, fostering an environment where diverse perspectives are welcomed.

  • What is Nostr?

    Nostr is an open source technology integrated into Letr that helps facilitate seamless and fast transactions. It ensures that creators are compensated promptly for their work on the platform.

  • What is the Lightning Network?

    The Lightning Network is a decentralized network that enables instant, high-volume micropayments. Integrated into Letr, it allows for lightning-fast transactions between creators and their audience.